Vizard Weekly: Edition #2

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Edition #2: 21 Jul 2020

☀️ Happy Tuesday and welcome to Vizard weekly Edition #2, curated content on Data visualization/Tableau/Power BI/ Clearing interviews, and career growth in general. Oh and some fun too 😍

If you missed past editions, you can catch up here. Otherwise, let’s dive in.

⚙️ Favorite Tool

Rapiddox is my favorite tool to generate Tableau/Power BI documentation in seconds. Highly recommend it if you want to avoid grunt work, save more time and actually sound smart in your team.


📙 Excerpt from Visualize This

Before you start working on the visual part of any visualization, you actually need data. The data is what makes a visualization interesting. If you don’t have interesting data, you just end up with a forgettable graph or a pretty but useless picture.

You also need to check for context. You don’t need to become an expert in the data’s subject matter, but you should know where the original data came from, how it was collected, and what it’s about. This can help you build a better graphic and tell a complete story when you design your graphic.

A data graphic is only as interesting as its underlying data. You can dress up a graphic all you want, but the data (or the results from your analysis of the data) is still the substance.


📊 Data Visualization Stuff

  • I wrote code to search the web for instances of “During these ____ times” written since the beginning of March. After thousands of results, here’s my initial findings. No wonder.


  • Which countries produce the most (of my) clothes? Interesting to see the origins of the clothes we wear.


  • The share of coffee bean farmers from a £2.50 cup of coffee


  • Trending Google Searches by State Between 2018 and 2020




🤑 Jobs/Freelancing

Who is hiring? – Current hiring companies

Who wants to be hired? – Leave your details here if you are looking to get hired

Freelance gigs – If you are looking for freelance work


👨‍🔬 Interesting Stuff

You’ve only added two lines why did that take two days!

I can totally relate to this, my non-tech manager always asks, report is very simple why can’t you deliver it in 2 days?

My anwer – There is usually a lot of complex work involved behind the scenes to show it simple at the front end.

Any stupid can make report complex, it takes work to make it simple and clean to understand. Isn’t that the business wants?

Tech Sector Job Interviews Assess Anxiety, Not Software Skills


😛 Fun Stuff

  • A tool for thinking in systems


👋 End Note

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